Full Service Stockbroking & Wealth Management

Our full service stockbroking advisory solutions are designed to help investors maximise investment performance and effectively manage their portfolio and exposure

Wealth Management

A partnership between you and your adviser to understand your requirements, to determine an investment strategy, and to construct and manage a modelled investment portfolio

Our advisers will help you with decisions on investing in International shares, IPOs, corporate actions and other asset classes.  Your investments are monitored and reviewed regularly and we proactively recommend adjustments if and when necessary.

Portfolio Construction & Management
Our portfolio construction and management solutions have been designed to help investors maximize investment performance and effectively manage their portfolio. The level of management service can be adapted to your unique requirements.  Whether you are seeking a full service personal advice relative to your financial situation and objectives, or merely general advice on exposures, strategies and opportunities or the facilitation and execution of trades … our friendly and experienced advisers are able to assist.

Tailored Advice
Landmark Financial has a long standing tradition of offering high quality tailored advice to investors anywhere in the world.

Our advisers work in partnership with you to understand your unique requirements and develop an investment strategy and advice that best conforms to your financial situation, investment goals and appetite for risk.

Style of advice
You will only receive as much professional advice and support as you require allowing you to decide the level of participation in the creation and management of your share portfolio.

IPO’s and Capital Raisings
As a Landmark Financial client, you may have the opportunity to access Initial Public Offerings and – depending on your level of experience – other equity capital raisings.

If the company has never issued equity to the public, an Initial Public Offering (IPO) would be the first sale of stock by the company to the public. Whilst there are many reasons why a company may decide to go public, the main one is the opportunity to access additional capital for use in the business.  The company raises this money by issuing either debt or equity in the form of shares. 

Other capital raisings may involve the issue and sale of securities to a small number of investors instead of the general public. Unlike with a public offering, a formal prospectus does not have be provided for a private placement and thus it is often restricted to experienced or sophisticated investors that have a strong understanding of the process and risks involved.

Options & Warrants
We provide a derivatives service
allowing experienced Landmark Financial clients to take advantage of more sophisticated exchange traded products.

Our accredited and experienced advisers have access to a range of exchange traded option and warrant products.  Due to the potentially high risk nature of derivatives, it is important that any prospective investor speaks with their adviser prior to trading derivatives. 

Reasons for considering derivatives

  • Increase income on a portfolio through selling premiums
  • Protect a portfolio (hedging) to reduce risk from a highly volatile period in the market
  • Gain a leveraged position into a top listed company
  • Trade movements on an index
  • Lock in a purchase or sale price now and decide later for a fraction of the cost.

Wholesale Services
Servicing institutional traders and providing advice and solutions to financial planners.

Institutional Trading
Our institutional sales desk consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience across regional markets and multi-asset classes and proven track records in servicing mutual funds, hedge funds and institutional clients.

We provide up to the minute market updates, market intelligence and management of trade execution to help our clients make the most informed investment decisions. We also offer various sophisticated and powerful trading platforms that provide institutional investors with a comprehensive range of trading and management solutions.

Advice to Financial Planners
Our dedicated team of advisers sometimes work in partnership with independent financial planners to ensure that their clients’ investments are actively managed and administered. To better service the clients of the financial planner network we support, we are happy to facilitate investing in a range of Landmark Financial identified products and services.

Services to introducers

  • Full equities trading
  • Portfolio valuation reporting
  • Research
  • Online access to view clients’ accounts
  • Market data
  • Electronic confirmation of trades
  • Global market execution

Trading Platforms
Whether you are a just starting out, a professional trader or an asset manager our comprehensive range of trading platforms and solutions will more than meet your trading needs.