Message from our CEO

I recently came across an old article in Fortune magazine that made me think about the vision we have for Landmark Financials and where our attention needs to be. The article was a Q&A with Mr. Erik Fyrwald, then CEO of Nalco, the largest water-treatment company in the world. Mr. Fyrwald has a strong record of operational and strategic leadership in complex worldwide businesses with a focus on technology and innovation. Since 2016, Erik Fyrwald has been the Chief Executive Officer and President at Syngenta International AG. 

Now what possible parallel could there be between a water treatment company and Landmark Financial? The interview was informative, but what really got my attention was Fyrwald’s answer to a question about competing with industrial giants like Siemens, G.E. and BASF. He said, in part: 

“We wake up every day, 11,800 people at Nalco, and think about one thing: How can we help our customers use less water, be more energy-efficient with that water, get more oil and gas out of the ground in an environmentally sustainable way, efficiently using the water? That’s all we think about from a customer standpoint and a technology standpoint. That’s a very powerful motivator for our employees.”

Obviously we aren’t too concerned about getting oil and gas out of the ground. What I related to is that he said everyone in the company is focused on one thing. That is a strategic focus that eliminates all the distractions, all the wrong turns.

Everyone has a job to do, and no one sits on a perch watching others perform. Every single person in our business is taking on the responsibility of making a difference in everything they do, at work and in their personal lives.

We work extraordinarily hard to maintain an open dialogue with our clients to ensure that we continue to deliver products and services that you value. Offshore brokerages have weathered a number of challenges in recent years. Through it all, Landmark Financial has stood strong, and we intend to remain an outspoken client advocate, a responsible industry player and a trusted partner for many decades to come.

We thank you for entrusting your business to us or considering our services for the future.

Edward Green