Why Choose Landmark Financial?

Our Difference
With Landmark Financial, you don’t just receive the extensive experience of one individual. You gain access to the knowledge and wisdom of our entire team. Moving forward together, success takes care of itself.

Moving forward together, success takes care of itself.

Expert, Quality Advice
Professional, fully accredited and friendly advisors can help tailor the perfect solution to your needs.

Advisers at Landmark Financial have industry-leading education and are focused on achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Outperforming the Market
Our work ethic and rigorous due diligence processes have resulted in an envious history of participating in listed company capital raisings which have outperformed the market, dramatically.

Gateway to Americas, Asia and Europe
Expanding your investment universe to reach across the globe. 

We provide a full range of quality and innovative financial services to individuals, corporate and institutional investors which include securities, futures, options, unit trusts, asset management, investor education and investment research.

Since our launch, we are continuously evolving to provide a comprehensive one-stop trading platform available off-shore. Nowadays, our clients may process overseas securities, overseas commodities, forex and options trading, and also subscribe IPO anytime and anywhere allowing our clients may capture better opportunities in advance. 

We use a disciplined consultative process to create customized, actively managed portfolios that help you meet your individual investment objectives while at the same time managing your risk. Our process is centered on strategic asset allocation to optimize the combination of stocks in your account to provide growth and income at a level of risk that you feel comfortable with.

As a complement to our own well-respected portfolio management abilities, our investment management committees are committed to provide the highest level of service and expertise to you and your future generations. We will monitor and continuously review your investment portfolio and long-term investment strategy to anticipate and adjust to market trends, economic conditions and your changing needs; always aiming to help you meet your financial goals at every stage.



    Fund Manager
    The major responsibility of a Fund Manager is to operate the Asset Management Account. Fund Managers would plan and adopt investment strategies and make investment decisions according to clients’ investment objective, investment guideline and market situations.

    Theme of Investment
    Our fund managers have their own specialties and clients may choose according to their preferences.

    Multi-Manager Multi-Theme
    At Landmark Financial, you can choose from a range of fund managers to manage your investment portfolio. They specialize in different kinds of investment area with unique investment strategies. You can choose the one who best fits your investment objectives and will take care of your wealth.

    Tailor-made Asset Allocation and Portfolio
    Landmark Financial Managers will first evaluate your background, risk exposure, and expectations of returns and then design a customized investment strategy and allocation to achieve your investment objectives. The portfolio would be revised periodically.

    Strong Backup
    The Landmark Financial Research Team provides a strong support for fund managers in their decision-making. The Team would continuously review the market, conduct extensive investment analysis, visit listed companies and meet their management in order to have a full understanding of their business operation and management philosophy before making any investment decisions.

    Financial integrity is very important to Landmark Financial. The securities bought or deposited by you will not be pledged under any third party, including banks and financial companies. In addition, we do not make unnecessary investments or high-risk investments. Your interest is our very first consideration.

    Also, our Investment Management Committee will monitor all trading activity and the portfolio’s performance, aiming to eliminate any unnecessary trading activities and risks.

    High Degree of Transparency
    You will be well informed of your portfolio status by receiving daily & monthly statements with detailed transaction records. 

    Our Investment Philosophy
    Prevent high-risk investment
    Prevent unnecessary trades
    Exploit undervalued companies
    Interview listed companies with potential to growth
    Comply with professional codes of conduct